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A savvy coder at Silicon Valley’s leading A.I. firm partner’s up with an off-the-grid hermit when she discovers that extraterrestrials have beamed themselves onto our networks through outer space, and are using deep fakes, A.I. algorithms and computer viruses to steer us into dysfunction and subjugation.
After an infertility diagnosis plummets her into an existential crisis, a vacationing career-woman causes a rupture in her marriage when she tells her husband she wants breast-reduction surgery, but her ideas on womanhood, bodily autonomy, and the laws of attraction are further interrogated when she develops a friendship (and a lot more) with her husband’s former college roommate; a transgender woman.
A docu-series demystifying the overlooked lives of blind and visually impaired people across the globe, spotlighting major milestones; from their first day of school to parenthood.
Unable to reintegrate into his mundane 9 to 5 after surviving three weeks of brutal torture at the hands of a serial killer, a meek pencil pusher discovers a new sense of confidence after he murders his arrogant boss and plays cat-and-mouse with the law.
Short on cash to keep his business alive during the covid pandemic, an Austin progressive visits his estranged family in Bogalusa, Louisiana to convince them to sell the family business, but the sudden arrival of his black girlfriend threatens to unearth a disturbing family secret he left behind.
The arrival of a washed-up American Idol winner’s concert at a gaudy Bucharest nightclub sets up a collision course of 10 intersecting stories of love and materialism in this ensemble satire of post-communist Romanian culture.
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